Agent Ransack – bestes Tool für die Suche von Dateien

Agent Ransack 2014 First released in April 2000 Agent Ransack has been helping people find files for over 13 Years. Here are just some of the powerful features available: Immediate results: Found text is shown with highlighted keywords so you don’t need to waste time opening each file looking for the right information. Boolean expressions: … Weiterlesen

JDeveloper 11g – Creating PL/SQL Webservice and deploying to Weblogic Server

You can expose PL/SQL stored procedures as Webservice via JDeveloper(which wraps the PL/SQL code into Java wrapper), and you can deploy it into weblogic server. 1. Open JDev 11g and create a database connection to HR schema(a sample schema that contains the PL/SQL procedure). 2. Create a generic application PL_SQL_WS and project name GetEmployee. 3. … Weiterlesen

Auflösung von Forms verändern

Im HTM-File (z. Bsp. webutiljpi.htm) den Parameter clientDPI ergänzen: <OBJECT classid=“%jpi_classid%“   […] <PARAM NAME=“clientDPI“ VALUE=“%clientDPI%“> […] <EMBED SRC=““ PLUGINSPAGE=“%jpi_download_page%“ […] clientDPI=“%clientDPI%“ und in formsweb.cfg in der config section ebenfalls den Parameter zufügen: [my_config] clientDPI=120 Anstelle der Konfiguration in formsweb.cfg kann der Parameter uch in der URL übergeben werden: http://ias/forms/frmservlet?config=my_config&clientDPI=120&….

How To Change The Default Download Directory For Forms WebUtil Client Files [ID 783937.1]

Quelle: Oracle Metalink Modified 14-FEB-2011     Type HOWTO     Status PUBLISHED Applies to: Oracle Forms – Version: to 11.1 – Release: to 11.1 Information in this document applies to any platform. Goal This document will describe a new feature added to Oracle Forms WebUtil and how to use it. This new feature will allow administrators to configure … Weiterlesen

Invalide PL/SQL Objekte kompilieren

/* Re-compiling PL/SQL Objects */ SET heading OFF; SET feedback OFF; SET echo OFF; SET lines 999; SPOOL run_invalid.sql SELECT ‚ALTER ‚ || OBJECT_TYPE || ‚ ‚ || OWNER || ‚.‘ || OBJECT_NAME || ‚ COMPILE;‘ FROM ALL_OBJECTS WHERE STATUS = ‚INVALID‘ AND OWNER = USER AND OBJECT_TYPE IN (‚PACKAGE‘, ‚FUNCTION‘, ‚PROCEDURE‘, ‚VIEW‘); SPOOL OFF; … Weiterlesen

Oracle Application Express

What is Oracle Application Express? Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure. Oracle APEX is a fully supported, no cost option of the Oracle … Weiterlesen